_abiete_  - in Latin language it means pine.

The brand _abiete_ is exclusively made for amber jewelry. Amber is one of the most beautiful gemstone in Latvia. Baltic amber was formed 40 to 60 million years ago from pine resin. What is still washed away by the sea.

The brand _abiete_ was created in 2017. When I interior and jewelry designer Baiba Ivanovska from the small town of Kuldiga, Latvia realized my long cherished dream

I want to break the stereotype of amber jewelry as a grandmother’s jewelry. By creating and dressing amber in modern forms, it can look like a real treasure, what every women will want to wear. Amber is the only warm jewel and its unique shape and color inspire me to create real modern jewelry”..

Each piece of jewelry has a particularly careful handiwork. Grinding and polishing each stone creates a unique frame in different jewelry techniques.